What is embroidery?


Embroidery is very popular method of branding promotional clothing. Emroidery device superceded laborious work of people's hand.

Receivers of promotional clothing appreciate this method because of its aestethic look and low price in case of large volume.

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What is screen printing?


Screen printing is very old method of branding. First screen printing is dated thousand years ago in Far East. Together with technical development it evolved, Nowadays, it is the most popular method of branding promotional clothing.

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What is thermal transfer?


Thermal Transfer is alternative for screen printing. It's precise and durable. It's commonly used for branding cotton and polyester garment. Logotype transfer occurs in accurate thermal condition.

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What is sublimation all about?


Sublimation is effective and durable branding method. Name derives from chemical process. By means of sublimation, it's possible to brand all polymer materials and gadgets with polymer layer. Sublimation is very popular in branding sport t-shirts and transfering high quality images into t-shirts, mugs etc.

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